COVID testing and vaccination

Firstly, there is no mandatory vaccination in Germany. However, to participate in public life there can be different rules where you either might have to be vaccinated, cured or tested.

When there are are many COVID cases in Germany it is important to reduce infection rates by getting tested, vaccinated and following all protective measures.

For current rules, please click here: Coronavirus: Public life

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You are considered fully vaccinated with two vaccinations and one booster.

Rules vary in different areas, depending on the severity of the pandemic. For current rules, please click here: Coronavirus: Public life

Ukrainian vaccination certificates are valid in Germany if the vaccine used has been approved in the EU. Please check this list:

Comirnaty BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH
Spikevax Moderna Biotech Spain, S.L.
Vaxzevria AstraZeneca AB, Schweden
COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen Janssen-Cilag International NV
Nuvaxovid Novavax CZ a.s.

There are different rules in different areas. We suggest you ask the testing location, your local contacts or read this link: When do I have to quarantine or self-isolate?

According to the current ordinance on testing, all Ukrainians are entitled to at least one free rapid test (PoC test) per week, whether they are vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 or not.

You can purchase self-tests in pharmacies and supermarkets. Also ask your guest families/social workers about self-tests.