If you become ill or have a medical emergency at night or on a weekend, you have a large network of support services available in Germany.

Important telephone numbers:

  • Emergency medical service: 112
  • Poison hotline: +49 30 19240
  • Medical on-call service: 116 117

Pharmacies also have a night and emergency service.

The following are examples of medical emergencies (medizinische Notfälle):

  • acute shortness of breath
  • acute pain in the chest
  • acute pain in the abdomen
  • acute dizziness
  • accidents and injuries
  • complications during pregnancy
  • acute mental distress
  • acute danger of suicide
  • drug-related emergency
  • allergic shock
  • loss of consciousness or coma.

In these cases, you should seek immediate help by calling an ambulance (112) or by going to an emergency response center or a doctor.

Important: please contact the staff of your reception center for responsible persons and medical staff in case of emergency!

Resource: Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community

If you need to see a doctor on a holiday, please call 116 117 ore go to your local hospital. On holidays only some pharmacies are open. You can find open pharmacies on the internet.

You can find a hospital here: GERMAN HOSPITAL DIRECTORY

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Please only visit a hospital in case of an emergency. Otherwise, please go to a doctor first who might refer you to a hospital.

Hospital visits will be covered by the German healthcare system.